Baylor House


Baylor House is…

Baylor house is a collective of sex workers trading and building resources, with a specific focus on funding microgrants earmarked for subsidizing housing for sex workers. Baylor House also has the long term goal to start a non-profit housing cooperative that is collectively owned and operated by sex workers, a cooperative that prioritizes safety and sustainability.

Stable housing is a basic human need that is becoming more and more difficult to access, especially in urban areas, as a ballooning housing market enforces stricter and stricter qualifications for applicants. Residents of New York can expect to be forced to hand over bank statements and pay stubs, be subject to a criminal background check and credit check, and to cohabitate with at least one other person in order to meet income requirements of their landlords. As many types of sex work are currently criminalized in the United States, many of the requirements that make one eligible for a residential lease in New York are simply unattainable for workers. The alternative, living without a lease, incurs the constant risk of being homeless, especially if a worker is living in a house that is not sex-industry friendly.

Baylor house believes that in order to create significant change, efforts must be built from the ground up. This takes form in two parts: A) our organization structure equalizes the playing field for all involved, by giving every single member a say, and B) targeting the most basic and yet most financially inaccessible need has the greatest potential for long-term impact for sex workers who are most at-risk. Addition considerations would be given to those who have been systematically marginalized: workers of color, trans-identifying workers, and low-income workers would get priority.