Empress Wu became a professional dominatrix after being held up at gunpoint at the age of 18.

Since then, She has been obsessed with fear, how it can be constructed, how it can be destroyed, and how it can be used as a tool for healing both environmental and inherited trauma.

Her favorite types of sessions are psychological scenes that explore bodily exchange and/or promote bodily awareness and presence, such as fluid exchange (spitting and pissing/golden showers, vomiting/Roman showers), scentplay, breathplay and suffocation, gagging, CBT, predicament bondage, vore, and sploshing.

However, her curiosity has led to a diverse list of interests, which include: humiliation | goddess worship | corporal punishment | tease and denial | financial domination | latex and vinyl | crossdressing | sissification| SPH | CEI | human furniture | objectification | puppy play | tickling | bondage | electro torture | roleplay and worldbuilding | voyeurism and exhibitionism

Curious about the damage that two or more dommes could inflict? Here is a list of friends that She enjoys playing and sharing toys with.

Interested in sessioning? Sessions begin at $400 per hour.

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Empress Wu always practices Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Safewords are mandatory. She accepts submissives of any legal age, from all race and gender backgrounds. All sessions are completely legal and based on the mutual understanding that compensation is for time exchanged. Read Her session policies here.




In her personal life, Empress Wu identifies with romantic and sexual fluidity,

She calls herself a romantic collectivist (multiply pair bonds for the sake of the hive). She engages exclusively in non-monogamous relationships, with partners from all over the gender spectrum.

She spends a lot of time conversing with her partners about, reading about, making art about, and writing about love, desire, and fear.

Favorite authors: Italo Calvino, Jorge Luis Borges, Chris Kraus
Currently reading: Video Green: Los Angeles Art and the Triumph of Nothingness, Chris Kraus
Favorite film: Nymphomaniac, dir. Lars von Trier
Favorite food: Dim Sum, after Her Chinese upbringing
Favorite Musical Artist: Frank Ocean
Sign: Gemini (Scorpio moon, Leo ascendant)
Birthday: June 16. (Click here to purchase a birthday gift)