Still from  Consumption Practice I  (2018) Captured by Anthony Flores

Still from Consumption Practice I (2018)
Captured by Anthony Flores

Empress Wu (b. 1997) is also the acting moniker of Brooklyn-based trans media artist, primarily creating through performance, video, and installation. Her work utilizes the syntax of BDSM to explore the roles of gender, body, time and labor in power exchange agreements, within constructed liminal spaces and ritualized consumption.

Her recent work includes Consumption Practice I (2018), Anatomy of Fear/Fantasy (2018), Desire Membrane or The Couple, after Louise Bourgeois (2018), Apex Predator’s Objecthood is its Prey's Subjecthood,

Empress Wu holds a BA in art history and a BA in International Relations and Global studies; her writing dissects the body politic through the lens of different permutations between dichotomies of internality/externality, constructed publicity/privacy, subjectivity/objectivity, sign/signified.

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She cites Andrea Fraser, Vito Acconci, Erika Lust, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Wu Zetian, Mika Rottenberg, and Marina Abramovic as creative influences.

Her work as both a contributor and a performer has appeared in PeachFuzz Magazine (vol 4, is 3), Hyperreal Film Club’s Video Zine (vol 3 + 4).

Recent curatorial projects include Through Friction (2017), an exhibition featuring all women and binary people examining the relationship between resistance and the body. She is currently a part of Disclaimer Gallery, a collectivized curatorial concept showcasing femme, trans, POC, and/or low-income artists.